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Wrote a note to neighbors threatening to “execute” Biden, American man arrested can be sentenced to five years in prison

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Biden and Harris

According to the British “Guardian” report, on Wednesday, a man in Maryland in the United States was accused of issuing death threats to the Democratic presidential candidate Biden and his running partner Harris in a letter placed at the door of his neighbor. It’s just because the neighbor’s yard has a sign supporting Biden.

A U.S. Secret Service agent stated in a testimony that James Dale Reed, 42 years old, was from Frederick. He told investigators that he was “dissatisfied with the political situation” and wrote this letter. Threatening letter.

The local prosecutor Robert Hull’s office said at a press conference that Reed was still in custody when criminal proceedings were filed against Reid in the Federal Court of Baltimore. Authorities said that a camera on the door caught a person resembling Reid leaving the letter on the doorstep of a neighbor in the early morning of October 4.

James Dale Note

Hull said in a statement: “We take this type of threat very seriously. This threat of violence is illegal and has no place in our democratic system. We will hold the perpetrators accountable.”

The testimony of the Secret Service agent stated that the letter threatened violence against Democratic candidates in the US presidential election. The letter also stated that “Grandpa Biden” and Harris would be attacked and “executed.”

The prosecutor said that after the police received an anonymous report, investigators questioned him at Reid’s home last Tuesday. According to Hull’s office, he initially denied leaving the letter, but two days later he admitted to writing the letter and handed it to his neighbor. Reed was subsequently arrested.

Biden and Harris

The agent’s testimony stated: “He later explained to the agents that his motive was due to the current political climate.” It is reported that he can be sentenced to up to five years in prison.

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