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Why do tennis stars enjoy privileges? Australian models angrily scolded the country’s “double standard” for restricting entry.

Why do tennis stars enjoy privileges? Australian models angrily scolded the country's "double standard" for restricting entry.

Belle Lucia (social media screenshot)

According to the British Sunday Post on January 26, an Australian mother whose visa is about to expire recently attacked her government for “double standards”, which is, allowing “rich” tennis stars to fly to Australia without allowing thousands.

Tens of thousands of Australian citizens stranded abroad returned home.

According to the report, Belle Lucia, a model with 1.3 million followers on social networking sites, lives in London with her 15-month-old son, but her visa is about to expire, which means that she will not be able to continue to live and work in the UK.

Since Australia was affected by the coronavirus in early 2020, Lucia has been unable to board the plane home due to the restrictions on the number of people flying to Australia.

On January 8, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the number of arrivals in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia would be greatly reduced, which also dashed the hopes of returning home for 40,000 Australian citizens in a predicament overseas.

The report said that the new immigration restriction policy is to stop the invasion of the new mutant virus in the UK.

Like countless families separated by border closures, Bailey’s parents and siblings have never seen her son in Australia.

The report also said that Bailey vented her disappointment on social networking sites and targeted tennis players who flew to Melbourne for quarantine before the Australian Open began on February 8.

She wrote: “If you are a rich tennis player, there is no problem in entering this country.

If you are an Australian citizen and your baby’s visa is almost expired, that’s not.”

“Hotels mandate a 2-week quarantine, but many tennis players can do outdoor training during the quarantine,” she said.

Recently, Kazakhstan tennis player Yulia Puttintseva uploaded a picture of her in the hotel, in which she held up a sign that said, “We need fresh air to breathe”.

Yulia, ranked 28th in the WTA rankings, applied for out-of-home training during the preparation stage of the event, but the situation was in chaos because players from Abu Dhabi, Doha and Los Angeles tested positive.

Bailey also criticized George Brandis, Australia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, for flying back to Queensland for a holiday despite thousands of people trapped.

A few hours after the post, Bailey uploaded another video, thanking fans for their support and saying that there are countless other worse situations than her.

She said, “This is really sad. Many Australians are homeless because their flights have been cancelled and their flights have been cancelled, and now they can’t even afford to get tickets home for their next flight because the fares are too high.”

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