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Who will Putin’s successor be? Kegong: Relevant comments are “often groundless”

Who will Putin's successor be? Kegong: Relevant comments are "often groundless"

Photo: Russian President Putin.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency on December 29, Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov said that politicians’ comments about the possible successor of Russian President Putin are often groundless.

On December 28, Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party leader Zhilinowski listed a possible successor to Russian President Putin on the “Russia 1” TV program.

According to Zhilinovsky, the possible presidential candidates include the current Russian Prime Minister Mishustin, the Minister of Defense Shoigu, the Director of the Foreign Intelligence Agency Nareshkin, the Chairman of the Russian Federation Commission Matviyanko, the President of the State Duma Volokin, the Mayor of Moscow Sobianin, and Nagasaki of Tula Oblast.

Peskov told reporters that the comments about Putin’s successor are “often groundless” and he is unable to comment on them.

But Peskov said that Zhilinowski has rich political experience, and his speculation may be based on his own experience.

When asked by reporters whether Putin was considering the question of his successor, Peskov said that Putin had been asked this question many times at the press conference and did not answer it once.

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