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WHO: The impact of the mutation of the new coronavirus has not been determined

WHO: Experts have reached a consensus on the summary report on the traceability of COVID-19.

On November 6, local time, WHO held a routine press conference for coronavirus.

WHO health emergency project leader Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan, head of WHO’s health emergency project, said that since coronavirus pandemic, different animals have been infected with coronavirus, and it may be transmitted back to humans. 

What is worrying is that mammals such as mink are very suitable animal hosts for the new coronavirus, and the new coronavirus may gradually change within these species. 

It is necessary to ensure biosecurity in the farm to prevent the new coronavirus from being transmitted from animals to humans. 

Existing evidence shows that the behavior of the mutated new coronavirus is not different, but there may be slight differences in specific characteristics.

But it is still the same virus, and its specific impact will take a long time to be determined.

Sumia Swamina, Chief Scientist of WHO

Sumia Swaminathan, the chief scientist of the WHO, said that the WHO has tracked more than 170,000 new coronavirus gene sequences.

There is no evidence that the mutation of the new coronavirus in the mink will affect the effectiveness of the vaccine.

No conclusion can be drawn yet.

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