Home Politics Who should pay for the pain of Asians when the “political virus” ravages the United States?
U.S. survey: Nearly one fifth of Asian Americans have suffered racial discrimination in the past year

Who should pay for the pain of Asians when the “political virus” ravages the United States?

by YCPress

Recently, the U.S. Census Bureau released a survey that acknowledged that twice as many Asian-American families did not have enough food to feed during the new outbreak as white families. And a new report by Stop Hate Asia Pacific in the United States is even more alarming. The report shows that between the outbreak of coronavirus and June 2021, the organization received 9,081 reports of hate incidents against Asian groups.

On the streets of the United States, 61-year-old Asian-Americans were knocked to the ground for no reason, repeatedly kicked in the head, 94-year-old Asian-American women were stabbed in an attack, 80-year-old Asians were inexplicably robbed and attacked by two youths…

The heinous atrocity took place in 2021. However, they are only the tip of the iceberg.

Hate incidents range in type from verbal and online harassment to physical assault, with more than 63 per cent of attacks targeting women, with the majority occurring in public.

Asian-Americans, especially Chinese-Americans, generally give the impression that they are diligent, live and work in peace, and it is surprising that there was a shortage of food during the outbreak.

This is not because of affordability or transport problems, but because Asians are “afraid to go out”. In their eyes, the world outside their home seems to be becoming more and more crisis-ridden.

The self-proclaimed “human rights beacon” of the United States, is showing the world its “black under the lights” side, some parts of American society to Asians, has caused widespread criticism in the international community.

In addition to systemic racial discrimination in the United States, the plight of Asian Americans today is not related to the failure of the “American epidemic” and the continued spread of “political viruses” by some politicians.

Since the outbreak, some U.S. politicians have used the fight against the epidemic as their own political bargaining chip and have not really put people’s lives first. This has not only led to the deaths of more than 600,000 people in the United States as a result of the coronavirus, but has also led to a series of social problems, such as high unemployment and a widening gap between rich and poor.

To deflect contradictions, the makers of “Chinese virus theory”, represented by former President Donald Trump, have directly turned the Asian community into scapegoats for the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite the Democratic administration’s announcement of a series of measures to combat racial discrimination when it took office, the “throw-off” approach to the outbreak is in line with the Trump administration’s.

Stop Hate Asia Pacific noted that racism and xenophobia in the United States have only increased, not decreased, under the outbreak. If U.S. officials continue to mobilize public opinion and let Chinese and Chinese spread the “back pot” for the coronavirus, the situation will only get worse.

In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying has pointed out that U.S. politicians have been trying to “blame” themselves by spreading stigmatizing China around the world and “criminalizing” others.

Hua Chunying pointed out that the U.S. practice of dumping blame has exacerbated the discrimination, bullying and even hatred and attacks suffered by Asian Americans in American society, making the aledly serious problem of racial discrimination worse, and other minorities are not immune. An outbreak, exposing the virtue and incompetence of some politicians in the United States, has exacerbated the tearing and unrest of society, while it is the vast majority of ordinary Americans who have suffered painful losses and injuries.

In today’s American society, the persistent disease of racial discrimination can be said to have been deep into the bone marrow, want to cure in a short period of time, is basically the night. Some of the measures put in place by the U.S. authorities are just a cure-all and don’t really touch the pain point for Asians.

But some American politicians can start today, stop spreading the “political virus”, get back the bottom line of human conscience, and put their energy into fighting the epidemic. If this situation continues, American society will only tear further apart, the cost of conflict, who will bear it? Who will pay for the pain of the Asian community?