WHO Director-General : Countries that allow the spread of the Coronavirus are playing with fire

On November 16, local time, WHO held a routine press conference for Coronavirus.

WHO Director-General Tan Desai said that Coronavirus is very dangerous and can attack various human systems.

Countries that allow the virus to spread are playing with fire. 

This will lead to more unnecessary deaths and suffering, and a large number of patients will be affected in the long term. 

Coronavirus cases have also increased the burden on health systems in many countries, and health workers are facing tremendous mental pressure.

Tan Desai called for supporting health workers as much as possible, keeping schools open, protecting vulnerable groups and defending the economy. 

There is no reason not to take any action. You should act quickly, act immediately, and act decisively. Taking a laissez-faire attitude towards the virus, not using all available tools will lead to death and suffering, and will harm livelihoods and the economy.

The fastest way to open the economy is to defeat the virus.