WHO Director-General calls on countries to take five key actions

On October 23, local time, WHO held a routine press conference for new coronary pneumonia. WHO Director-General Ghebreyesus called on governments to take five key actions. It is never too late to reverse the epidemic.

First of all, the current situation of the epidemic should be assessed based on the latest data. Countries that have successfully controlled the spread of COVID-19 must redouble their efforts to keep the spread at a low level, stay vigilant and be prepared to act quickly to prevent the virus from taking advantage of it again.

Second, necessary adjustments should be made as soon as possible in countries where the number of cases, the number of hospitalized patients, and the utilization rate of intensive care units have increased.

Third, let the public clearly understand the country’s epidemic situation and what every citizen needs to do.

Fourth, we need to set up a system that makes it easier for citizens to follow prevention and control measures. That is, if people need to be isolated or businesses must be temporarily closed, the government should help individuals, families, and businesses as much as possible.

Finally, for many people, the next few months will be difficult. To widely share stories of people creatively responding to the epidemic, the government must tell the infected people and their contacts the specific instructions that need to be followed. If the government can improve its contact tracing system and focus on isolating all cases and contacts, it can avoid mandatory stay-at-home orders for everyone.