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WHO: 465,000 cases a day,the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the world has reached a new high

WHO: Experts have reached a consensus on the summary report on the traceability of COVID-19.

October 25. The latest data on the Coronavirus released by the World Health Organization shows that as of 15:02 on the 24th Central European Time , the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus worldwide increased by 465,322 compared with the previous day.

, Creating the largest single-day increase since the outbreak. The number of newly confirmed cases worldwide in a single day hit a record high for 3 consecutive days.

According to WHO data, the previous record of new global single-day increases was 449,717 on the 23rd and 437,247 on the 22nd. As of 15:02 on the 24th Central European Time, a total of 42,055,863 cases have been diagnosed globally, and 1,141,567 deaths have occurred.

The recent rapid rebound of the epidemic in Europe is an important reason for the increasing number of confirmed cases worldwide. 

According to WHO data, the European region reported 221,898 new confirmed cases on the 24th, which is the largest number among the 6 regions that the World Health Organization divides into the world; followed by the Americas, which reported 143,313 new cases that day.

WHO data also shows that the United States, India, and Brazil are the countries with the largest cumulative number of confirmed cases in the world, each with more than 5 million; countries with cumulative confirmed cases of more than 1 million include Russia, Argentina, Spain and France.

Recently, the new crown epidemic has rebounded in many parts of the world. The WHO reminded in the latest epidemic report that the previous successful control of the spread of the epidemic cannot be done once and for all, so it is necessary to continue to be vigilant.

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