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White House office fun fact: Trump’s favorite Coke button is back

White House office fun fact: Trump's favorite Coke button is back

According to the U.S. media Business Insider 26 report, the U.S. President Biden immediately after taking office to overturn a number of policies of former President Trump, his “Coke button” in the Oval Office was also removed, but foreign media found on Monday, the button is now back on the President’s desk.

The media photos released by the White House on Monday show that Trump’s favorite Coke button is back

Trump’s love of Coke is well known.

After Trump moved into the White House in 2017, he invited reporters from the Associated Press and the Financial Times to the White House to interview him and introduce them to many of the office’s amenities, including this button.

According to the two media reports, when asked if the button was the “nuclear button,” Trump not only cleared up the misunderstanding, but also used the button to summon White House attendants to offer him a bottle of Diet Coke.

As a result, the button was then passed around the mainstream media as Trump’s “Diet Coke button”.

Trump was so enamored with the “Diet Coke button” that he removed it immediately after Biden took office

But in fact, the red button made of a wooden box is not exclusive to Trump, as early as in the period of former President Obama, Bush Jr.

existed in the Oval Office, is used to summon the president’s secret service, cronies or service personnel, only in the media misinformation, it has become Trump’s Coke exclusive button.

It is unclear what Biden’s special role is for this button.

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