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When Biden takes office, will the United States be normal? Look at these figures…

When Biden takes office, will the United States be normal? Look at these figures...

Joe Biden took office. Starting from today, we are going to call him President of the United States.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump will certainly not make headlines today.

Even in China, except for Biden, it is Pompeo, the worst Secretary of State in American history, who can get media attention.

Uncle Hai feels that Biden’s inauguration may mean that the United States will correct deviations to some extent in areas such as the fight against the epidemic. But American society cannot be healed overnight.

At present, it is not normal. It is worth paying attention to these figures…

The first number: Biden’s inaugural speech took 22 minutes. The length of this speech is six minutes longer than the 16 minutes of Trump’s inaugural speech in 2017.

In the play, Biden made history when he became President of the United States at the age of 78; Harris was the first female vice president in American history and the first female vice president of African and Asian descent.

With more than 20,000 soldiers in Washington, under martial law, and with the COVID-19 epidemic killing 400,000 people in the United States, Biden feels like taking office in extraordinary times. What’s more, Biden’s inauguration ceremony has the lowest number of people in recent years for various reasons.

In his inaugural speech, Biden mentioned that the number of lives the coronavirus has taken by Americans in one year, more than the number of people lost in the United States during World War II.

He wants to repair, restore and heal America. It is said that Biden is still modifying it at the last minute before the speech for this speech.

Although some media analysis believes that Biden likes to think about words, the importance he attaches to this inaugural speech to such a way, which obviously proves that Biden, who has served as a senator for most of his life and served as vice president under Obama, is extremely valuable to the presidency of the United States. Then wish him good luck.

The second number: Biden’s new official takes office and signs 17 executive orders in one go. In Uncle Hai’s view, Biden’s move is to change Trump-era policies in three areas

Coronavirus epidemic,

Climate and environment,

Immigration policy.

In terms of response to the coronavirus epidemic, the United States immediately returned to the World Health Organization after Biden took office.

Biden is also seeking a $1.9 trillion bailout bill that will target two aspects of work—

First, accelerate the distribution of COVID-19 vaccine;

The second is to provide economic relief for millions of Americans affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

Biden even requires all federal public facilities, including people on planes and buses, to wear masks!

In terms of climate, the United States will return to the Paris Climate Agreement; in terms of immigration policy, the “suspended repatriation plan for those who arrived in the United States as a child” will be resumed.

Uncle Hai still remembers that when Trump first took office in 2017, the first thing to do was to build a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico, but after Biden took office, the first thing to do was to tear down the wall – ending Trump’s National Emergency Declaration, which allows Trump to transfer federal funds from the Department of Defense to the United States and Mexico.

The border of West Go was built with a wall.

The third set of figures seems to have nothing to do with Biden’s team – early this morning Beijing time, China announced sanctions on Pompeo, Navarro, O’Brien, Stavey, Pottinger, Aza, Krach, Craft, Bolton, Bannon and 28 others! How to say? Uncle Hai just has two words – happy!

As the statement of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs said–

In the past few years, some anti-China politicians in the United States have planned and promoted a series of crazy acts out of their own political self-interest and prejudice and hatred against China, and disregarding the interests of the Chinese and American people, seriously interfering in China’s internal affairs, harming China’s interests, hurting the feelings of the Chinese people, and seriously damaging Sino-US relations.

The Chinese government is unswerving in its determination to safeguard the interests of national sovereignty, security and development.

Why are you sanctioning them at this time?

In terms of time, such as former US Secretary of State Pompeo, others are facing pressure to re-enter employment. Of course, they hope to use their former senior officials of the U.S. government to make money all over the world.

However, what they are facing now is that they and their families are prohibited from entering mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao, and they and their affiliates and institutions have also been restricted from dealing and doing business with China.

When formulating and implementing its policy towards China, the United States must respect China’s core interests and abide by the “bottom line of the rules”. Otherwise, what you have done will be returned one day!

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