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What does the Taiwan authorities want to do when Kraft stood up?

What does the Taiwan authorities want to do when Kraft stood up?

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Craft (Source: Taiwan Media)

No! Craft, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, originally scheduled to lead a delegation to Taiwan on January 13, temporarily stood up the Taiwan authorities.

Some pro-green campers said frankly: “It must not be simple behind it.”

For the DPP authorities, the original itinerary plan is very good. Craft will meet with Tsai Ing-wen and others to have exchanges with Taiwan on “international participation and United Nations affairs” and “enhancing mutual trust between the United States and Taiwan”.

Seeing the interested politicians on the island, he flirted with the United States on this matter.

However, only a few days after U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo rushed to stage the “last madness” and lifted the restrictions on the exchange between U.S. and Taiwan officials, the United States hurriedly terminated the “visit”.

This made those who were full of joy get hit in the face again.

In fact, the complex mentality of the DPP authorities can not be summarized by “full of joy”.

Some Taiwan’s “legislators” said that the trick of anti-China politicians such as Pompeo is basically “retiring employees take revenge”. Facing the “friendship Taiwan” actions of the transition of the U.S. regime, the Taiwan authorities “exposed the embarrassing position of dilemma”.

After all, there is opposition even within the U.S. State Department, believing that lifting restrictions on U.S.-Taiwan exchanges is a “decision made without proper scrutiny” and whether the next U.S. government will continue the decision is still doubtful.

But even if you can see through Pompeo’s “last madness”, the DPP authorities are still “satined”.

In the face of Craft’s visit to Taiwan, the Taiwan authorities are completely submissive, just like the attitude towards the Lai pig (the American pig with clenbuterol) policy.

In recent years, the United States has made Taiwan’s authorities obedient to the demands of the United States by supporting Taiwan’s participation in the so-called “international space” and other beneficial and costly gestures, losing the room for bargaining. In the end, it can only humblely colluding with the United States and have no way out.

Craft’s trip to Taiwan was the last struggle of the current U.S. government to take a tough attitude towards China before leaving office.

Under the firm opposition of China, American politicians who tried to speculate on U.S.-Taiwan relations finally calmed down. Not only did they “visit Taiwan” yellow, but also cancelled the European trip.

The strings were full, but the arrow was released.

How does this make Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party authorities answer?

The ancients said: How can we know whether it is not a blessing if you lose your horse? It would be naive to think that the Taiwan authorities only have a high-profile gesture.

The media has a headline that rises well: “Taiwan’s awkward reception of senior American officials’ graduation trip'”. Graduates are about to step down and bow.” Traveling to Taiwan, in addition to sending warmth, there must be a realistic Xiaojiu.

Lin Zhengjie, a former “legislator” of the Democratic Progressive Party, said bluntly that Kraft came to Taiwan to enjoy a high-level reception. In addition to exemption from quarantine, Taiwan does not seem to make sense not buying some coal from the United States. Why does the seemingly tall “visit” have something to do with coal? United News Network said that Kraft “has a deep coal background”.

Military weapons, beautiful pigs and cattle and coal this time are inevitable choices for the “protection fee” gift package. However, the U.S. government is about to change its term, and the Taiwan authorities have not yet refreshed the temperament and details of the government. There are bound to be variables in the U.S. policy towards Taiwan. Being an actuary in the island’s political circles who is used to Xiaofu, of course, he also needs to “have both new love and old love”.

For this reason, the Taiwan authorities deliberately said that “Craft’s visit to Taiwan is dominated by the United States” in order to leave room for serving the next U.S. government.

Senior U.S. officials failed to visit Taiwan, but solved some people’s traps and sighed.

Craft and Pompeo (Source: Taiwan media)

You Yinglong, chairman of the pro-green “Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation”, has been thinking about what is the real inside story of the suspension of “visiting Taiwan”? Leaving aside floating words, You Yinglong believes that this once again shows that “politics is the art of possibility. Politics can make impossible and may also make impossible”.

What we see is the result. The political game in the process must exist, and the game depends on strength and determination.

A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said recently that China’s demand that the United States stop manipating on Taiwan-related issues and stop improving U.S.-Taiwan relations.

Any act that harms China’s core interests will be resolutely counterattacked. The Taiwan Affairs Office of the Mainland State Council has also repeatedly said that it will take resolute and powerful measures to counter any Taiwan-US collusion.

What relevant parties must recognize is that the mainland has firmly grasped the dominant power of the development of cross-strait relations, and China’s determination to safeguard national unity, safeguard national core interests and resist foreign interference is unswerving.

China Times Electronic News said on January 12 that to solve the problem of Taiwan’s participation in international affairs, it is not the United States alone to have an answer, but the mainland is the key point.

What’s more, Taiwan has never seen the United States take the lead in the proposal in the WHO Assembly or the United Nations General Assembly.

Instead, it “needs to help the United States find out the reason why it does not take the initiative to propose”.

In the eyes of the Taiwanese media, Craft’s “visit to Taiwan” is like “aneous gorgeous fireworks”. Last year, senior U.S. officials went to Taiwan one after another, and Continental Army aircraft around Taiwan have become the norm.

If you continue to be obstinate, what will Taiwan’s security pay?

Fortunately, Craft didn’t come, and the fireworks didn’t bloom. Otherwise, set yourself on fire. What’s the point?

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