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Well-known British public knowledge: We should send gunboats to make China lose money for the pandemic

Well-known British public knowledge: We should send gunboats to make China lose money for the pandemic

"Queen Elizabeth" aircraft carrier and "Flying Dragon" destroyer

Recently, a well-known right winger in the UK has publicly declared that the British government should seek compensation from China for the losses caused to the country by Coronavirus pandemic, and said that it can send “gunboats” to China if necessary.

However, Chinese netizens were not angry after reading the news, and instead laughed.

This British right-wing publicly known named Douglas Murray (Douglas Murray) was rejected by mainstream society because of his repeated anti-immigration and anti-homosexual remarks that were contrary to popular Western values. Admired by Western conservatives, he is considered a “great thinker.”

But this is such a conservative right-wing “thinker” who recently re-threw the absurd remarks he made in May of this year, that is, to make China lose money to Britain for the losses caused by Coronavirus pandemic.

The picture shows an article by Murray in the British tabloid “The Sun” asking for compensation from China in May this year

  But unlike half a year ago, in his latest article written on December 5th, this Murray also declared that in order to make China lose money and pay the “price” for the losses caused by the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom must put “sanctions” and ” Gunboats are all lined up on the table.

The picture shows Murray in the latest article that Britain should use gunboats to threaten China

  However, many COVID-19 investigations from Europe and the United States have found that although the COVID-19 outbreak first appeared in China, it was some European countries that caused the global outbreak of the pandemic, because the COVID-19 pandemic in Western countries mutated from these European countries. , Not China.

The picture shows German virology expert Alexander Kekule not long ago said that although the Coronavirus pandemic first appeared in Wuhan, the starting point of the global pandemic may be in northern Italy

  Therefore, his attempt to make China lose money is not only unreasonable, but also latent Westerners’ arrogance, ignorance and racism towards Chinese people.

  To make matters worse, when someone questioned this British right-winger’s knowledge of Britain’s insults to China during the Opium War, this publicity actually claimed that today’s British people should no longer be held responsible for what happened more than 100 years ago, but the Coronavirus pandemic occurred in 2020. Years, so China should compensate.

  This logic is vicious, because according to him, then in a few decades, I am afraid that Germany will no longer be responsible for the murder of Jews during World War II, and Japan will not be responsible for the murder of Asian countries including China during World War II. The people’s crimes are held accountable.

Screenshot from Murray’s Twitter

However, what is sad is that although this Murray’s remarks have won the support of many British and even Western right-wingers on the overseas social networking site “Twitter”, the Chinese netizens who learned of his remarks are not angry. On the contrary, the mentality easily expressed “welcome” the British “gunboat” to China to “open exhibition.”

This is because if you want to cross the ocean to come to China’s periphery for “gunboat diplomacy”, it is a bit difficult for the “empire that the sun never sets” back then.

From a military point of view, the current main surface warships of the Royal Navy include 1 “Queen Elizabeth” aircraft carrier, 6 Type 45 guided missile destroyers, 13 Type 23 frigates (due to their combat characteristics, the 11 nuclear submarines equipped by the United Kingdom and the ” The concept of “gunboat diplomacy” is basically insulated).

However, the Type 45 destroyer is no longer in the same class as China’s latest Type 055 destroyer, and the Type 45 has frequent power system failures, and it is difficult to guarantee the reliability of ocean missions.

Secondly, although the “Queen Elizabeth” claims to come to the Asia-Pacific region for cruise deployment next year, this aircraft carrier still has a serious lack of carrier-based aircraft and has to rely on the help of the US military. The Type 23 frigate has performed ocean-going missions many times in the past few years, but the average service time of this warship has exceeded 25 years, and its overall performance is still far behind the Chinese Navy’s 054A frigate.

Considering that the British Royal Navy still needs to undertake tasks in other directions, even with its best efforts, the fleet that can be sent to China’s periphery is at best an incomplete carrier strike formation. This fleet may have been a bit bluffing 30 years ago, but for today’s People’s Liberation Army, it is no longer an opponent of magnitude.

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