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Warehouses in Nigerian capital were looted, government ordered arrest and prosecution of participants

Warehouses in Nigerian capital were looted government ordered arrest and prosecution of participants

According to Nigerian media reports, on the morning of October 26, a government reserve warehouse in the Gwagwalada area of ​​the capital, Abuja, was broken into and looted by thousands of people. The warehouse stored civilian assets for the new crown epidemic. Contains foods such as rice, noodles, milk, sugar and some medical supplies.

According to government sources, the warehouse materials have been stored for 4 months. They have been distributed to local people twice during Ramadan and Eid al-Adha. Originally, they were planned to be distributed for the third time this Sunday, but crowds flooded in. To the warehouse and snatch the items away.

In order to avoid a stampede, the security personnel who rushed to the scene for reinforcements gave up the use of tear gas and other compulsory measures, but it is said that the chaos and crowding have caused three women to be trampled to death.

Since Sunday, the 25th, many warehouses in the capital Abuja have been ransacked, including those belonging to Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency and two other warehouses in the Yidu Industrial Park.

On the afternoon of the 26th, the Federal Capital Territory Ministry of Nigeria held an emergency security meeting. The Minister of Capital Territory Mohamed Bello ordered the arrest and prosecution of people who broke into the Guagwalada warehouse and looted the food, and demanded that they return immediately Looted items. In addition, Bello said that more security personnel will be deployed in the Yidu Industrial Park to protect factories and warehouses.

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