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Vietnam’s frequent natural disasters in 2020 caused nearly 1.3 billion U.S. dollars in economic losses

Hurricane Yota has killed at least 45 people in Latin America

November 18th. According to a report from the Vietnam News Agency on the 18th, recently, various parts of Vietnam have encountered frequent natural disasters, which have severely affected the lives of local people. The Vietnam Central Natural Disaster Prevention Steering Committee revealed that from the beginning of 2020, various natural disasters have claimed 280 lives and caused approximately 29.9 trillion VND (approximately US$1.29 billion) in economic losses to Vietnam.

According to the report, since the beginning of 2020, Vietnam has suffered 13 typhoons, 114 floods and landslides, 86 earthquakes, and 264 storms.

Natural disasters also caused 856 injuries and at least 66 people are missing. In addition, heavy rains, flash floods and landslides caused more than 3,420 houses to collapse, more than 327,700 houses were damaged, and nearly 509,800 houses were flooded, seriously affecting the lives of millions of people.

The General Administration of Natural Disaster Prevention of Vietnam revealed that the recently landed typhoon “Huan Gao” has injured 24 people in Vietnam, collapsed 7 houses, damaged more than 7,500 houses, and sank or destroyed 27 ships.

According to reports, after the typhoon “Huan Gao” crossed the border, Vietnam’s Quang Nam Province has sent manpower to search for the missing persons in the landslide accident in Nam Tra Mee County.

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