Vienna terrorist attacks attempted to buy ammunition for the attack, or instinctively avoided it?

November 5th. According to the British “Guardian” report on the 4th, the terrorist attack in the Austrian capital of Vienna has resulted in the death of four civilians and the gunman. 

An investigation into the incident found that the gunman tried to buy ammunition in Slovakia in July, and the authorities are investigating whether the attack could have been avoided.

According to reports, the gunman was named Kuytim Fezulay, who has dual citizenship of Austria and North Macedonia. He was shot dead nine minutes after launching an attack in the center of Vienna.

Austrian Minister of the Interior Nihammer said on the 3rd that the authorities believe that Fezulay is a supporter of the extremist organization “Islamic State”, and he tried to enter Syria from the Turkish border. 

Although Fezule is believed to be the only attacker, the Austrian police are still investigating whether it belongs to a larger network.

On the evening of November 2, local time, a shooting incident occurred near a synagogue in the center of Vienna, the Austrian capital. 

The picture shows the police investigating pedestrians.

In addition, the investigation also found that in July 2020, Feizulei was accompanied by another man to neighboring Slovakia, trying to buy ammunition matching the weapons he used in the attack. 

However, the transaction was unsuccessful because he failed to produce the gun permit.

Allegedly, the Slovak authorities had notified the Austrian authorities. The Austrian Ministry of Justice later stated that they had not been informed that Feizulei had tried to buy ammunition in Slovakia, saying that this could have justified his arrest. 

On the 4th, the Austrian government held a meeting to discuss the security situation and whether the attack can be avoided. Some officials called on the authorities to check the role of intelligence services.

At around 20 o’clock on November 2, local time, Fezule fired indiscriminately at several locations in the center of Vienna, killing 4 people. 

On the evening of the 3rd, the extremist organization “Islamic State” issued a statement claiming responsibility for the attack.