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US media: The United States will immediately face a "rapid increase" in Covid-19 cases

US media: The United States will immediately face a “rapid increase” in Covid-19 cases

by YCPress

 According to a report on October 21 by the American Fun Science website, as the United States gradually enters the cold winter, it will usher in the third wave of COVID-19. Former Director of the Food and Drug Administration Scott Gottlieb said on the Consumer News and Business Channel on the 19th that the United States has only about a week left before the “dramatic increase” of new Covid-19 cases.

According to the report, according to an analysis article in the New York Times, the number of Covid pandemic cases in the United States has increased by 36% in the past two weeks, and the average daily number of new infections in the past week was 60,160. Gottlieb said that 45 states in the United States have seen an increase in the number of Cornavirus cases, and 42 states have seen an increase in the number of Coronavirus Pandemic hospitalized patients. He said: “The situation we are currently facing is very severe. This will be a difficult autumn and winter season.”

The report pointed out that the new wave of viruses has also shown power elsewhere. In Europe, the number of Coronavirus cases has shown an exponential increase, and many governments have again adopted control measures-some measures are as strict as they were in the spring of this year. According to the National Public Radio of the United States, Ireland will implement a six-week lockdown across the country starting tomorrow. CNN reported that Wales will adopt a “fire belt” type of closure, requiring everyone to stay at home for two weeks starting Friday.

Gottlieb said that judging from the increase in cases, the United States is two or three weeks behind Europe. “So we will start to enter the stage of rapid increase in the number of cases in about a week. I think the situation in November and December will be very severe.” He also said that especially as the holidays approach, everyone wants to gather indoors and visit family members. “We can’t take it lightly.”

Experts in the field of public health have been saying since the beginning of the outbreak that the number of Coronavirus cases may increase in autumn and winter. One reason experts worry is that as the weather turns cold, people will gather indoors and the distance between each other will shrink, allowing the virus to spread easily. And according to previous reports from the Fun Science website, generally drier air in winter may allow the virus to survive in the air for longer. Of course, as the flu season begins, winter may also bring a double whammy.

According to reports, according to statistics released by Johns Hopkins University, the number of Coronavirus cases reported in the United States currently exceeds 8.2 million, with more than 221,400 deaths. Gottlieb said that with the coming of the new crown vaccine, “happy days are just around the corner, but the months ahead will be very difficult.”