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Unprecedented! Vienna New Year’s Concert will be held “closed”

Unprecedented! Vienna New Year's Concert will be held "closed"

Guests dress up for a dance at the National Opera House in Vienna, Austria, on February 20, 2020. Xinhua News Agency

Reference News Network reported on December 8th. New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on January 1, 2021 will be held as usual, but due to the impact of the epidemic and epidemic prevention concerns, the concert will be unprecedentedly absent from the audience.

Daniel Frosshor, president of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, said at a television press conference on December 6: “We have tried our best not to cancel the concert, so this annual traditional music festival will be held in an unprecedented way next year. About 50 million viewers from nearly a hundred countries around the world will participate in the grand event.

“If the New Year’s concert is cancelled in such a difficult period, what kind of message do we send to the world?” Frossauer pointed out in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Newspaper.

According to the report, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra has never held such a “closed door” concert, but in view of the fierce second wave of the coronavirus epidemic in Europe, the orchestra finally made this historic decision. Although there is no audience, fans can participate in the live interaction by registering at

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, which is in charge of the live broadcast of the concert, said that at the end of the concert, applause and pictures from selected audiences will be transmitted to the Golden Hall and broadcast in the live screen, so that the problem of “silence” between the Vienna Philharmonic’s most worried performances will be solved.”

The concert was dramatic and the audience played a big part in it.” Froschauer said. The organizers believe that audience applause can “eliminate the nightmare noise of the world”.

Froschauer stressed: “The most important thing this year is that concerts can successfully spread hope for the future. This will be a gift for people all over the world.”

The report pointed out that it is a very important ceremony for fans to listen to a Vienna New Year’s concert at the beginning of the New Year. In 2021, Naples conductor Ricardo Muti will be the conductor of the Vienna New Year’s Concert for the sixth time. “While it’s been a very difficult year, I’m confident that 2021 will be blessed,” he told the media.

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