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United Nations Secretary-General Guterres: Welcome the United States back to the Paris Agreement

Biden signed the first executive order to return to the Paris climate agreement and WHO

U.S. President Biden (Source: AFP)

January 20th local time, U.S. President Biden signed an executive order to reverse the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the 2015 Paris Agreement aimed at limiting global warming and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Subsequently, UN Secretary-General Guterres issued a statement “warmly welcoming President Biden’s rejoining the Paris Climate Change Agreement” in response to the climate crisis.

Guterres said in a statement that with the United States re-joining, two-thirds of the world’s greenhouse gas-emitting countries have pledged to meet the carbon neutrality goal.

He warned that the climate crisis is still worsening, and time is running out to limit rising temperatures and build a society more resilient to climate change to protect the most vulnerable groups.

In addition, Inge Anderson, the head of the United Nations Environment Programme, said on the social network website that he looked forward to working closely with the United States government to strengthen climate action.

In June 2017, former U.S. President Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

On November 4, 2020, the United States officially withdrew from the agreement. This move has been widely criticized in the United States and the international community.

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