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United Nations Secretary-General Guterres: I am also born in the year of the ox! Heads of international agencies and dignitaries from many countries congratulate the New Year.

The United Nations coordinator says the Taliban have asked the United Nations to continue its activities in Afghanistan

△Secretary-General of the United Nations Guterres

As the Spring Festival is approaching, many heads of international organizations and foreign dignitaries sent their best wishes to the Chinese people.

Secretary-General Guterres: Happy Spring Festival! I wish all those who celebrate the Spring Festival tradition.

This year is the Year of the Ox, and I am also born in the year of the ox.

Cows symbolize energy, strength and courage, and these qualities are exactly what the world needs today.

In 2021, we must work hand in hand to fight against the virus.

I thank China and the Chinese people for their consistent support for multilateralism and the United Nations.

On the occasion of the New Year of the Ox, I wish everyone prosperity, health and happiness.

Thai Prime Minister Prayut: Good luck in the New Year, and wealth in the New Year! On the occasion of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox, on behalf of the Thai government and people and Thai Chinese, I would like to extend my sincere wishes to the Chinese government and people.

This year, the Thai government has designated the Spring Festival as a specific legal holiday for the first time.

The Spring Festival makes us feel close friendship between China and Thailand.

Let’s work together for the happiness of the people of Thailand and China and the prosperity and development of the region.

Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea Obama: Good luck in the Spring Festival, bullish! Wish you a happy New Year and wish China more prosperity in the new year.

Colombia’s Minister of Culture Bujitrago: I am honored to extend New Year’s greetings to the Chinese people.

The Year of the Ox in China symbolizes tenacity and prosperity.

This year is also the 41st anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Colombia.

I believe that we will celebrate and move forward hand in hand to wish everyone a happy New Year again.

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