United Nations expert: Cooperation for development Full of confidence that China will continue to be an important role

△Sasha Wenshi-Dizang, Director of the Comprehensive Indicators Research Division of Economics and Statistics of the World Intellectual Property Organization

December 30, China-EU leaders jointly announced the completion of the China-EU investment agreement negotiations on schedule.

Sasha Wenshi-Dish, Director of the Comprehensive Indicators Research Branch of the Economics and Statistics Division of the World Intellectual Property Organization, said in an exclusive interview with the station that interdependence among countries promotes global economic growth and innovation, trust is the foundation, and cooperation and exchanges promote the generation of good things.

“All countries should avoid developing in isolation, not think that there is only a competitive relationship between countries, but to see themselves as a collaborator in the innovation system.

Therefore, the signing of regional and global agreements is particularly welcome. Wenshi-Tschamp said, “There are more and more agreements between countries in very different ways.

If China signs agreements with each country one by one, it will generate a lot of work, and there is a competitive risk of better agreements between one country and another. Therefore, it is still necessary to consider it at the regional level, which is exactly the case with the EU.

Wen Shi-Di Shang also pointed out: “China has always been a strong supporter of multilateralism. Without China in the past decade, it has been very difficult for the United Nations and the World Intellectual Property Organization to continue to form