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Under the “stay-at-home order” of the pandemic, Lebanese people’s protests are getting worse and worse.

Under the "stay-at-home order" of the pandemic, Lebanese people's protests are getting worse and worse.

△ Street protests in Tripoli

According to local media reports, on the 30th, popular protests in Tripoli, a northern Lebanese city, continued, cutting off some local traffic roads.

In addition, some people in Beirut and other urban areas also held demonstrations in solidarity with the Tripoli protests and opposed the use of force by the authorities to suppress protesters.

△ Street protests in Tripoli

The day after, Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Hariri issued a statement saying that the recent street protests in the country reflected that the people were suffering from living and economic difficulties, but that evil people deliberately sabotaged the peaceful protests.

Hariri said that assistance should be provided to poor families as soon as possible, while condemning all attacks on the military. , calling for the arrest and punishment of those involved in the destruction of Tripoli’s municipal building.

On the same day, the EU Ambassador to Lebanon also posted on social media saying that the people have the right to peaceful demonstration, but this right does not include violence and destruction.

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