Under the second pandemic, South Africa is in a severe shortage of medical staff.

According to local media reports in South Africa, on December 29th local time, South African Health Minister Zveli Mukez told the public at the second epidemic briefing in South Africa that South Africa is currently in an extremely short supply of medical personnel and a large number of medical staff infected with the novel coronavirus, and he hopes that the people can abide by the new epidemic prevention measures.

Mukez said that a large number of newly appointed interns and other service practitioners are being pulled in to provide emergency relief to South Africa’s medical industry under the second epidemic.

Local residents in South Africa love alcoholic drinks, and historically alcohol-induced car accidents and related diseases have placed a heavy burden on local hospitals.

On the same day, Mukez said he hoped that the newly issued Prohibition would help South African hospitals reduce their burden during the New Year’s holiday, so that medical staff could concentrate on responding to the second epidemic and get through this difficult period.

On December 28, the South African Medical Association (SAMA) also held a media conference, saying that South African medical personnel are now unable to cope with the increasing number of coronavirus patients in hospitals.

The rapid spread of the epidemic in South Africa is caused by the lack of masks and compliance with all epidemic prevention regulations.