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Ukrainian President Zelensky’s approval rating fell below 27%

The U.S. secretary will meet Ukraine's foreign minister in Washington

Ukraine Speaker Razumkov

According to the poll released on the website of the Ukrainian sociological group “Rating”, if Ukraine will hold a presidential election in the near future, less than 27% of the respondents are willing to vote for current President Vladimir Zelensky.

A similar poll conducted by the Razumkov Center for Sociology in November showed that only 31% of the respondents were willing to support Zelensky if the presidential election was held in the near future.

Poll results show: “Zerlensky is still the highest in the presidential ranking. If there is a recent election, another 26.5% of those who want to vote are willing to support him.” Former President and leader of the European Solidarity Party, Poroshenko

has a support rate of 14.3%, Boiko, former Minister of Energy of Ukraine and chairman of the “In Opposition Alliance – For Life” parliamentary group, 10.1%, former Prime Minister and leader of the Fatherland Party Tymoshenko, with 9.8%, and “In Opposition Alliance – In order to The support rate of the chairman of the Political Committee of Life is 7.7%, and the support rate of other candidates is not more than 6%.

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