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Ukraine’s Energy Minister: U.S. nuclear fuel should replace Russian products

Ukraine's Energy Minister: U.S. nuclear fuel should replace Russian products

On September 30, former Ukrainian Prime Minister Tymoshenko gave a collective interview to the Chinese media in Ukraine in the capital Kiev. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Sergei Staraskenko)

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency on February 5, Ukraine’s Acting Energy Minister Yuri Vitrenko said on February 4 that the country should use U.S. nuclear fuel to replace Russian products.

Wittlenko said: “The integration of Ukraine’s energy system with the European Union and European Transmission System Operators Network (ENTSO-E), rather than with the Russian and Belarusian energy system, is an important factor in energy security.

We hope to do so at least 2023, and it may be earlier.”

Ukraine reached an agreement with Westinghouse in 2014 to supply U.S. nuclear fuel to several units of Ukraine’s nuclear power plant by 2020.

Ukraine’s energy minister announced in January 2019 that the proportion of state nuclear power plants using Westinghouse Electric’s nuclear fuel is 46%, which will exceed the proportion of Russian nuclear fuel after 2021.

According to Westinghouse Electric, six nuclear reactors in Ukraine are using the company’s fuel, with different proportions.

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