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UK officials: UK has begun to develop other forms of coronavirus vaccines such as capsules

Healthy volunteers will be exposed to the virus after the United Kingdom approves the coronavirus human challenge test.

The information picture shows the elderly in the United Kingdom to vaccinate against the novel coronavirus.

British Coronavirus Vaccine Deployment Secretary Zahawi said on the 7th that injecting the coronavirus vaccine may not be the only option in the future, and the United Kingdom has begun to develop other forms of vaccines such as capsules.

The British Daily Telegraph reported on the 7th that the British biotechnology company IosBio has made breakthrough progress in vaccine research, and the injection vaccine may become a vaccine capsule or tablet vaccine in the future.

According to the report, according to clinical trials conducted in monkeys, taking vaccine capsules has a significant effect on preventing COVID-19 infection.

In addition, ImmunityBio, an American immune biology company, signed a cooperation agreement with IosBio last month to launch human trials in the United States this month. At the same time, ImmunityBio also applied to the British pharmaceutical regulator to start human trials in the UK.

If vaccine capsules can be released, they will effectively alleviate the shortage of injection vaccines in Europe and even the world.

However, Zahavi said that although there may be many forms of the coronavirus vaccine in the future, ensuring an adequate supply of vaccines remains the top priority of the British government at present.

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