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UAE changes in regulations and foreign media: the country’s “biggest reform” in the legal system in recent years

Many countries' immigration restrictions caused tourists to stay. The United Arab Emirates announced that the visas for inbound tourists could be extended for one month.

November 9th: A comprehensive report: President Khalifa of the UAE has recently approved amendments to several laws in his country, involving the lifting of the ban on cohabitation of unmarried men and women and the relaxation of the prohibition on alcohol. Some analysts pointed out that this is the largest reform of the country’s legal system in recent years, covering almost all areas.

According to reports from the Emirates News Agency, several approved civil and criminal legal provisions include amending the ban on cohabitation of unmarried men and women. 

According to the report, unmarried cohabitation was a crime in the UAE before. Although relevant agencies have adopted different treatment methods for foreigners, unmarried cohabitation is still at risk of illegality in the country.

Another point of concern is that the restriction that individuals must hold an alcoholic beverage license to purchase alcohol has also been lifted. 

The UAE’s “Nation” reported that this means that individuals 21 years of age and older will not be punished for their consumption, sale and storage of alcohol in specific areas. In addition, the UAE will strengthen penalties for harassment of women.

According to local media reports in the UAE, the ratio of foreigners to domestic citizens in the UAE is about nine to one. The TASS News Agency quoted a report from

UAE’s National Daily on the 9th, saying that “the law after its entry into force aims to attract more tourists and the introduction of foreign direct investment, and to simplify the restrictions on the people of the country.”

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