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U.S. woman killed in explosion after fleeing police with gasoline in car crash

What kind of hacking attacks are forcing the closure of the U.S. fuel supply "big artery"?

This undated photo shows the storage tank of the Colonial Pipeline Transportation Company. (Xinhua News Agency, Colonial Pipeline Transportation Company)

14 (NBC) reported that local time, 13, a South Carolina woman driving full of gasoline, after police investigation to escape, and a car accident, triggered a fire explosion, nearly killed.

According to the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office, an officer tried to stop a stolen car before the accident. The driver was a woman who accelerated and tried to evade law enforcement. The woman then lost control of the vehicle, strayed off the road and the vehicle completely flipped. There were several explosions in the car. The woman was then taken to hospital for treatment.

Local police said the woman had hoarded several boxes of fuel in the trunk of the car, most likely the cause of the explosion. Earlier, hackers attacked the U.S. Colonial pipeline network caused fuel shortages in the southeastern United States, local people began to panic about buying gasoline, many gas stations appeared to be fuel-free.

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