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U.S. violent law enforcement caused the death of African-American police officers with third-degree murder charges dropped

The former police officer involved in the Floyd case in the United States has been charged with civil rights violations

△ Former Minneapolis policeman Drake Chauvin who used "lock neck" on African American George Floyd to cause his death, African American George Floyd was crushed on his knees under.

On the 22nd local time, a judge in Hennepin County, Minnesota, the United States announced that the former Minneapolis policeman Drake Chauwan who had “locked the neck” to the death of

African-American George Floyd had been raised. The third-degree murder charge has been dropped. The charges of second-degree intentional homicide and second-degree manslaughter against Drake Chauvan are still established.

Sentencing Judge Cahill said that the accusation can only be maintained if the defendant’s actions pose “a major danger to others in addition to the specific person who died”. The ruling stated that the evidence provided by

the prosecutor did not show that Xiao Wan’s actions caused “extremely dangerous” to anyone other than Freud, so the decision was made to withdraw the third-degree murder charge.

Up to now, of the nine charges against the defendants in the murder of George Floyd, the Hennepin County Court in Minnesota has upheld eight charges, including the serious murder charges against all four defendants. 

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