U.S. Vice President Harris said that if she were white, there would not be so many negative reports

According to the New York Post on the 23rd, U.S. Vice President Harris privately complained about negative news reports and the low morale of the White House. She believed that she had been treated differently by the media for racial and gender reasons.

The New York Times reported on Thursday that Harris was the first female and colored person in American history to serve as vice president. Harris once told allies “privately” that if she were white and male like 48 predecessors, she would get more friendly media coverage. Harris reportedly even asked prominent politicians such as Hillary, the first female presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, for help to decide his next step.

Hillary told the New York Times: “There is indeed double standards, but unfortunately it still exists. A lot of things used to judge her, just like me, the women who participated in the 2020 election or everyone else, were affected by this.

The New York Times said that Hillary will talk to Harris on the phone every few months. Last November, she also visited the vice president at Harris’s office on the west wing of the White House.

Outgoing California Democratic Federal Representative Karen Bass said the White House should have better defended Harris publicly when conservative news media and some others criticized Harris on issues such as voting rights and border crises.

The New York Times claimed that Harris’ relationship with President Biden was “friendly in all aspects”, in sharp contrast to the “exhausted deadlock” reported by CNN last month. However, the newspaper said that Harris’s allies were worried that she would sometimes be despised by the White House.

CNN’s report quoted nearly 36 insiders as saying that Harris felt isolated and not supported by other members of the Biden administration.

A former aide to Harris told the New York Times: “It is difficult for us to ignore the special energy brought by the White House to protect a white man. Because we know that Harris has spent nearly a year suffering a lot of blows that she doesn’t want to bear.