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U.S. State Department officials: The United States will review aid to Myanmar or sanction some Burmese officials.

Popular protests broke out in Yangon, Myanmar. The military dispatched the military and police to control the situation.

The United States will review military assistance to Myanmar. Infographic: Associated Press)

February 3 The day after the Myanmar military announced the takeover of state power, U.S. State Department officials revealed on the 2nd that the United States had decided to review aid to Myanmar on a large scale, and may take a new round of sanctions against some Myanmar officials.

According to the report of CNN, Chinese website and other U.S. media, after the U.S. State Department held a telephone briefing on the situation in Myanmar on the morning of the 2nd

A State Department official revealed that after carefully examining the relevant evidence, the United States decided to review the existing aid plan to Myanmar on a wide scale to ensure that the aid plan and the near future The situation is consistent, and this review will be launched immediately, but the humanitarian assistance of the United States to Myanmar will not be affected.

U.S. media believes that only a small amount of U.S. aid to Myanmar is for the local government, so the review of Myanmar’s aid plan or Myanmar’s military has little impact.

U.S. State Department officials also revealed that some officials involved in the recent political shock in Myanmar were sanctioned by the United States as early as 2019 for human rights issues, and the United States may take a new round of sanctions against some officials in Myanmar and companies associated with them.

On February 1, the Myanmar military detained Senior State Government Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, President Wen Min and others on the grounds of “election fraud”, and then took over state power and declared a one-year state of emergency in Myanmar.

The White House of the United States issued a statement on the afternoon of the 1st, saying that the move by the Myanmar military was “a direct attack on Myanmar’s transition to democracy and the rule of law”.

The statement also said that this transition to democracy “reverses progress” will “request us to review sanctions laws and relevant institutions immediately and then take appropriate action”.

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