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U.S. Senate vetoes impeachment clause against Trump

U.S. Senate vetoes impeachment clause against Trump

A violent demonstration occurred on January 6th local time in Washington, D.C. Some demonstrators rushed into the Capitol and clashed with the police, killing one person. The joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives certifying the results of the general election was also interrupted.

February 13th, local time, the U.S. Senate, which is responsible for hearing the impeachment case of former U.S. President Trump, voted to reject the impeachment clause against Trump’s “sedition”. Trump was not convicted.

That afternoon, the U.S. Senate found the impeachment clause accusing Trump of “sedition” invalid by 43 votes and 57 votes guilty.

Trump was not convicted, and the impeachment trial ended.

The U.S. Constitution stipulates that a Senate trial requires more than two-thirds of the votes, or at least 67 votes, to convict the president.

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