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U.S. researchers say another variant virus has been found.

About 300 Coronavirus patients in India are infected with rare and deadly bacteria

Greece confirms the discovery of a Variant coronavirus reported in South Africa for the first time.

U.S. media reported on the 14th that researchers at the Carbondale campus of the University of Southern Illinois in the United States said that they had found a new variant of the novel coronavirus, which first appeared in Texas last May in the United States and may be more likely to spread than other variants.

Researchers said that the mutant virus may have become the most important mutant strain in the United States.

The day before, on the 13th, researchers at Ohio State University released a report that they found “two variants of COVID-19 that may have originated in the United States”

one similar to the mutant coronavirus found in the United Kingdom, and the other is different from the variant novel coronavirus found in the United Kingdom or South Africa.

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