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U.S. police call the Nashville bombing deliberate, and Trump and Biden have been briefed

U.S. police call the Nashville bombing deliberate, and Trump and Biden have been briefed

December 25, a car explosion in downtown Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, injured at least three people. Police called the bombing “intentional”. Both US President Trump and President-elect Biden have been briefed on the explosion.

According to the Washington Post, at about 5:30 a.m. local time on the 25th, residents of Second Avenue in Nashville heard similar rapid shootings. Later, it was found that the gunshot was a recording played by a RV, which also asked people to “evacuate immediately”.

Soon after, the recording turned into a 15-minute countdown to the explosion. After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene and arranged for the evacuation of nearby personnel.

By about 6:30, a suspicious RV exploded, a very bright orange flame appeared, dozens of nearby shops were damaged, the streets were covered with glass fragments, and at least three people were seriously injured and had been sent to hospital for treatment.

Nashville police and local officials called the bombing “intentional” on the 25th, and will use a large number of law enforcement forces to search for suspects and investigate the motives.

The Nashville Police Commissioner said that investigators found suspected human remains near the scene of the explosion and were ready to examine them. At present, it is not certain whether there was anyone in the car at the time of the explosion.

“The blast was meant to create chaos and fear.” Nashville Mayor Cooper said that the city will impose a curfew near the place where the explosion occurred.

According to the Capitol Hill, a White House spokesman said on the 25th that US President Trump has been briefed on the bombing and thanked rescue workers, and he will continue to collect the latest news.

A spokesman for U.S. President-elect Biden said on the same day that Biden had also listened to the relevant briefing. He thanked the emergency personnel and hoped that the injured would recover soon.

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