U.S. pipeline companies briefly suffered a server failure

"Archstone" oil pipeline Photo from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

U.S. fuel pipeline operator Colonier pipeline transportation company confirmed on the 18th, the enterprise a network server briefly failed, the problem was resolved the same day, fuel supply has not been affected.

The Colonier Pipeline Transportation Company said in a statement that a server within the company that specializes in processing demand information failed on the morning of the 18th. The fuel dealer uses this system to submit product requirements. The server failure is “not related to ransomware, nor is it a ‘secondary infection’.” The enterprise piping system continuously delivers fuel to the dealer.

The company said late Wednesday that the failed server had restored service.

Due to the hacking attack, the Colonier pipeline transport company a main oil pipeline from 7 to stop operation, the 12th afternoon of the initial restart, the 13th full line resumed. Hackers use encryption to lock corporate computer systems and steal confidential files in an attempt to ransom on the condition of unlocking them. At one point, companies were forced to shut down entire energy supply networks.

The Colonier pipeline is one of the most important oil pipelines in the United States. The FBI identified the hacking group Dark Side as the attack on the business earlier this month. Fuel supplies on the East Coast of the United States were severely affected during the pipeline shutdown.