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U.S. media: The White House will hold a “Coronavirus Vaccine Summit” and invited producers will not go.

U.S. media: The White House will hold a "Coronavirus Vaccine Summit" and invited producers will not go.

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December 8 According to THE HILL reports, the Trump administration will hold a “vaccine summit” on the 8th local time to enhance public confidence in the coronavirus vaccine. However, neither of the invited American vaccine manufacturers will attend.


According to the Hill on the 7th, the summit is expected to be held in the White House. The invitations include federal health officials, several governors and representatives of logistics companies responsible for the transportation and distribution of vaccines. However, government officials said that Pfizer and Modena, which are also invited, the current manufacturers of the two coronavirus vaccines in the United States, will not be represented.

It is understood that two days after the summit, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Advisory Committee will publicly review the data of Pfizer vaccine and vote on whether to recommend the agency to approve the application for use. The Modner vaccine review meeting will also be held next week. U.S. media pointed out that the absence of both pharmaceutical companies at this time will attract a lot of attention.

A spokesman for Modena said that they had received an invitation to the Trump administration’s vaccine research and development program “Operation Warp” and expressed their willingness to attend the summit, but soon learned that they did not need to attend according to the summit agenda. In addition, officials revealed that the presence of pharmaceutical companies is not suitable because regulators will attend the summit to discuss vaccines.

According to previous reports, the Trump administration has been pressing the FDA to issue vaccine authorizations as soon as possible. FDA Director Steven Hahn has made two trips to the White House to explain the details of the Pfizer and Modena vaccine approval process. Government officials said on the 7th that the FDA is “focusing on promoting the process, but ensuring that Americans have greater confidence in the vaccine”.

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