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U.S. Mars helicopter postponed its first flight due to potential technical problems

NASA: The rocky softness caused the Mars sampling failure

May 15, NASA announced the basic principle of the International Agreement on Lunar Exploration, the "Artimis Agreement".

NASA announced on the 10th that it had postponed the flight of the first Mars helicopter “Witty” originally scheduled for the 11th due to potential technical problems found during the test.

According to the introduction, when the “Witty” had previously been doing a high-speed rotation test of the rotor, the system found a problem and terminated the test ahead of time, but the helicopter was “safe and sound”, and the controller would analyze the data to find out the cause of the problem.

On February 18 this year, the Wit helicopter landed on Mars with the Perseverance rover. If it successfully flies for the first time, Wit will become the first helicopter to fly on other planets.

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