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U.S. House of Representatives investigates Trump administration’s order of ventilators last spring

'One day it will disappear like a miracle' The former U.S. government misled people.


According to a U.S. media report on January 27 local time, the U.S. House Economic and Consumer Policy Oversight Group is investigating the Trump administration’s order of ventilators last spring.

The chairman of the committee, Raja Krissnamoto, has sent a letter to the relevant agencies, asking them to provide information such as contract documents for the type of ventilator purchased by the government.

The Trump administration reportedly signed a $16.2 million contract in April 2020, and then the Department of Health signed another contract of more than $60 million due to the poor effect of ventilator treatment.

However, the newly purchased ventilators still do not achieve good therapeutic results.

“Reports and independent studies suggest that ventilators purchased by the federal government may not be suitable for treating COVID-19 patients, raising serious doubts about whether buying ventilators for more than $70 million would constitute waste, fraud, or abuse,” Krissnamoto wrote.

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