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U.S. health officials persuaded the elderly to wait for hours, they called on relatives and friends to be vaccinated against coronavirus.

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On December 27, 2020, local time, several EU member states officially launched the COVID-19 vaccination process. The picture shows a woman working in a nursing home in Berlin, Germany, who is being vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

January 4th – On New Year’s Eve, Tennessee health officials told the elderly waiting in line for the vaccination of the novel coronavirus that there was a shortage of vaccines.

After the elderly left, officials called relatives and friends to let them get the vaccine.

According to Business Insider on the 3rd, Hamilton County Health Department posted an announcement on Twitter on December 31, 2020, telling the elderly, “Please leave now and come again next time.” These elderly people are all over 75 years old, and they have been waiting for hours to get a vaccine.

After persuading the elderly to quit, health officials called friends and relatives to get the coronavirus vaccine.

Hamilton Mayor Jim Coppinger called it a “misjudgment” because they had not known how much doses could be taken from a bottle. Becky Barnes, director of the Hamilton County Health Department, said: “When the vaccination was over that day, we found that the dose of the vaccine exceeded expectations.

Because the vaccine has been thawed, it must be vaccinated on the same day. We don’t want to waste any dose.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stipulates that the first phase of COVID-19 vaccination is only for front-line workers and people over 75 years old in the fight against the epidemic.

It is not clear whether friends and relatives of health officials meet the vaccination population regulations.

A couple said they waited five hours to vaccinate a 94-year-old man. During the wait, they had to replace the oxygen cylinder for the old lady, but they were eventually turned away.

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