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U.S. Conference Riot Investigation Progress: Trump Aide Flynn Sues House of Representatives Committee

U.S. Conference Riot Investigation Progress: Trump Aide Flynn Sues House of Representatives Committee

December 22 – According to the “Central News Agency”, on the 21st local time, Michael Flynn, a senior aide of former U.S. President Trump, issued a notice to the special congressional committee responsible for investigating the parliamentary riots on January 6, trying to prevent the committee from obtaining his call records.

Flynn, a former U.S. national security adviser, reportedly filed a petition in the Florida federal court alleging that the subpoenas issued to him by the Special Congress were too wide-ranging and punishing him for his constitutionally protected statements as an ordinary citizen.

Flynn also alleged in the pleading that this “Special Committee is not composed in an appropriate way and therefore does not have the authority to carry out its business”.

The Special Committee issued a subpoena against Flynn in November seeking to establish a “command center” at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., in an attempt to guide testimony and documents to prevent Biden from winning the presidential election for Democratic candidate Biden at that time. A few weeks after the election, Flynn was exposed to have urged Trump to deploy troops to reverse the election results, and he also delivered speeches questioning the election results.

On January 6 this year, during Congress counting the votes for presidential election, Trump supporters violently stormed Congress, killing at least five people. The incident was the worst attack on the U.S. Congress in nearly 200 years.

Since then, the House of Representatives impeached Trump for sedition, but the Senate acquitted Trump. On June 30, the House of Representatives voted to pass the resolution to establish a special committee to investigate the riots in the Capitol. More than 700 people have been charged with the incident, and dozens more have been summoned for investigation by the special committee of the House of Representatives.

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