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U.S. California election office staff test positive for Coronavirus

by YCPress

An employee of the Yolo County election office in California, the United States, tested positive for Coronavirus on Monday (9th) and may have been in contact with other people to cause the virus.

The county statement said: “The staff member has the least interaction with pollsters, but has working contact with other election staff and some election observers, and has limited contact with voter assistance centers or Yolo County residents and voters.” Contact tracking The program is working hard to notify people in close contact with it.

Although the county has complied with social isolation and cleaning protocols, further mitigation measures are being implemented, including only allowing key personnel in offices and deep cleaning facilities to enter. The county also said that close contacts will be sent home for self-quarantine and will provide home services.

The county said the infection will not affect the December 3 certification deadline for the 2020 general election. In total, California recorded more than 99,000 ballots and more than 90,000 mailed ballots.

“In order to protect the health and safety of our staff, observers and the public, we are taking extensive measures to contain this incident and adjust our election certification procedures accordingly,” Yolo County voter, clerk recorder, registrar Jesse Salinas said in an interview: “We thank the public for their understanding and patience in our safe handling of this situation.”