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U.S. anti-racism protests continue. conflicts continue

U.S. anti-racism protests continue. conflicts continue

U.S. anti-racial discrimination protests have been going on for several months, and various conflicts have also occurred.

 Just this past weekend, there were more incidents of police clashes with protesters in the United States.

On November 1, local time, people in New York continued to stage protests against racial discrimination. 

The protesters marched with slogans such as “No police, no white supremacy,

no racist America.” During the period, the New York police sent police to drive out these protesters

and the two sides clashed physically. 

According to local media reports, the New York police arrested at least three protesters.

In addition, on October 31, local time, a police clash with protesters also occurred in Graham, North Carolina, USA. 

According to CNN, the local police confronted the protest crowd outside a courthouse. 

After that, the police sprayed pepper spray to the protest crowd. 

The video showed that at least one policeman sprayed pepper spray on the face of the protester

while the rest sprayed spray on the feet of the protester.

According to the report, at least eight protesters were arrested by the police that day, including a media worker.

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