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“U.S. agents” planning to assassinate the president of Belarus? The U.S. State Department hastened to clear it

"U.S. agents" planning to assassinate the president of Belarus? The U.S. State Department hastened to clear it

Belarusian President Lukashenko told reporters

Comprehensive Russian media reported on the 18th, the Russian Federal Security Service and the Belarus National Security Council carried out a joint operation to thwart a military coup attempt in Belarus and assassinate President Lukashenko, and arrested two people.

Belarus And Russia Carried Out A Joint Operation To Arrest A Group Of People Who Tried To AssassinatE Himself And His Son, And “AgentS” From The United States Were Arrested In The Russian Capital, President Lukashenko Said Wednesday. Lukashenko pointed out that the interrogation learned that foreign intelligence services were involved, including the CIA, the FBI and so on. The U.S. denies this.

Subsequently, the Public Relations Centre of the Russian Federal Security Service provided details of the arrest in Moscow of two persons attempting to carry out a military coup in Minsk, Belarus, on 9 May, one of whom was Yuri Zekovic, who had dual United States and Belarusian nationality, and the other was Alexander Feduda, a Citizen of Belarus.

According to Belarusian sources, Zekovich and Feduda decided to hold a private meeting in Moscow with the “generals” of the Belarusian armed forces. According to the Russian Federal Security Service, the two men met in a Moscow restaurant after consultations with the United States and Poland.

During the meeting, Djokovic described plans for a military coup, saying that “mission one is to assassinate the most important people;

At the meeting, organizers also brought a list of senior politicians, officials and security officials who planned to kill them or send them to concentration camps, Russian media reported. With the help of hackers, the plotters gained access to databases of the Ministry of internal affairs, the National Security Council, the Commission of Inquiry and other departments of Belarus. They also plan to involve Ukrainian nationalists in the preparations for the coup.

During the conversation, these persons repeatedly stressed that the main purpose of the coup was to assassinate the President. “Because if there is a general election now, then Lukashenko will be elected,” Djokovic said. That will be the case for the next 25 years. Planners say it will take them at least five years to change society and the country. In the wake of military coups and assassinations, Belarus should become an incubator for the “development of democracy” in accordance with the “Polish experience”.

Screenshot of the arrest video released by the Russian side

In addition, the participants also plan to set up a national committee, all registered party leaders will enter the committee, the report said. At the end of the meeting, Djokovic and Feduda suggested that the “generals” carry out a classic “armed robbery”, in which lukashenka’s property was looted and taken into his own hands.

Konstantin Becek, head of the investigation department of The National Security Council of Belarus, said on the 18th that the mastermind of the coup attempt, Djokovic, had links with U.S. intelligence and was trying to recruit military personnel who were prepared to participate in “subversive activities” in Belarus for money.

The United States has denied claims that U.S. intelligence was involved in the assassination of the President of Belarus, Russian media reported. U.S. State Department spokesman said on the 18th, any suggestion that the U.S. government was involved in the assassination of Lukashenko or the mastermind behind the remarks “is absolutely false.” The United States is ready to provide consular assistance to a U.S. citizen detained on suspicion of coup d’etat in Belarus.

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