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Two variant cases of COVID-19 infection reappear in New York City, USA

A third variant virus has been discovered in the United States. More than 90,000 people may die of the pandemic in the next three weeks.

January 13th local time, New York Mayor De Blasio said at a press conference that two more cases of mutant COVID-19 infection have been found in New York City.

It is understood that the two infected people are from Queens and the other from Manhattan. New York City testing and tracing personnel are identifying close contacts of new cases.

On the 12th local time, New York Governor Cuomo said that as of the 12th, 12 cases of variant COVID-19 infection had been found in New York.

In response, De Blasio reiterated his call on the federal government to impose a travel ban on the UK at the press conference.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued an announcement on the 12th local time, requiring passengers entering the United States on international flights to be tested for COVID-19 within three days before boarding the plane and provide negative test results to airlines from January 26, otherwise they will not be boarding the plane.

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