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Two Russian men “magic duel” on New Year’s Eve, bare arms shoot fireworks at each other

Two Russian men "magic duel" on New Year's Eve, bare arms shoot fireworks at each other

△ On the evening of December 31, 2020, Auckland Sky Tower fireworks show

January 4th – “Russia Today” TV reported on the 4th that recently, a video of two naked Russian men shooting fireworks at each other on New Year’s Eve went viral on the Internet, reminding netizens of the magical duel scene in the Harry Potter series. The dangerous behavior of these two people has attracted the attention of the police.

The “magical duel” reportedly took place shortly after the midnight bells were ringing in 2021. In the Moscow suburb of Balahiha, two men are naked and “celebrate” the New Year’s Eve in an unsafe way in the cold wind.

Live video shows that a man took the lead in lighting fireworks and continued to shoot at each other at a distance of several meters, and the other side kept dodged. Then another man lit fireworks to attack, apparently his fireworks ranged farther and more powerfully, almost hitting the man opposite.

The “duel” attracted more than a dozen crowds to cheer. Fortunately, this dangerous act did not cause injuries or fires. Some netizens exclaimed that this is so dangerous that you can’t play like this. Some netizens also commented that the scene was very similar to “Harry Potter vs. Voldemort”.

After seeing the video, the local police said that a search for the two men who violated the safety regulations had begun.

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