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Two people died after taking medicine! 155 people are now unconscious, memory loss and other side effects… This Japanese pharmaceutical company has a big deal!

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Antifungal drugs produced by a Japanese pharmaceutical company have recently been reported, and more than 100 people reported physical discomfort after taking the drug, two of whom died.

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and other departments launched a field investigation into the factory on the 21st, suspecting that its production process was illegal. This drug is mainly used to treat psoriasis and other diseases. It is produced by Kobayashi Chemical Pharmaceutical Company, Fukui Prefecture.

Preliminary investigation shows that the drug is mixed with sleep inducer ingredients, which may be due to the mistaken drug ingredients when adding ingredients. 

Kobayashi Chemical revealed that some patients lost consciousness soon after taking medicine and were rushed to the hospital. Some patients lost consciousness while driving and hit the central isolation belt. Someone took medicine again after being discharged from the hospital, resulting in repeated symptoms.

As of the 20th, the cumulative number of patients with unconsciousness, memory loss and other side effects after medication reached 155, of which 34 were hospitalized. 

A woman in her 70s and a man in her 80s have died after taking medicine since November, and authorities are investigating the link between the cause of death and the antifungal drug.

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