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Two more people in South Korea have been diagnosed with mutant COVID-19.

Two more people in South Korea have been diagnosed with mutant COVID-19.

â–³Image source: Seoul Municipal Government/Penta Press

According to Yonhap News Agency, on the 30th local time, two new cases of mutant COVID-19 infection were added in South Korea, and the cumulative number of mutant COVID-19 infections in South Korea rose to five.

One of the two newly confirmed cases is a man in his 80s. After entering South Korea from the United Kingdom on the 13th of this month, he suddenly stopped cardiac arrest during home isolation and died after being sent to the hospital.

After death, he was diagnosed with COVID-19, and after further analysis, it was confirmed that he was infected with mutant COVID-19.

Three family members of the man in his 80s were also confirmed to have contracted the novel coronavirus after entering South Korea, and the specific types of infection are still under further analysis.

Another mutant infected with COVID-19 confirmed on the 30th is a woman in her 20s.

Recently, she left the United Kingdom and entered South Korea through the United Arab Emirates. She was confirmed to be infected with the novel coronavirus during the entry quarantine.

On December 28, South Korea announced the detection of a mutant COVID-19 infection for the first time, a family of three who entered the United Kingdom on December 22.

South Korea is currently facing the worst spread of the virus since the emergence of the coronavirus, and the number of new infections continues to rise.

As of 00:00 local time on the 30th, South Korea has added 1,050 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, with a total of 59,773 confirmed cases and a total of 879 deaths.

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