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Two men in Philadelphia, USA, arrested for possession of illegal explosives in a truck

Two men in Philadelphia arrested for possession of illegal explosives in a truck

October 30th. According to comprehensive US media reports, two men in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, were arrested for possession of illegal explosives in a truck and were prosecuted on the 29th local time.

According to reports, the local police noticed the modified truck involved on the evening of the 28th and followed a certain distance. When the truck stopped on the side of the road and the tape covering the license plate was removed, the police searched it and found two men possessing explosives, propane tanks, guns and other suspicious tools. The two were arrested by the police.

Some officials pointed out that the device on the truck “is a dangerous explosive material that can cause serious personal injury or death.” The authorities also stated that similar explosives are often used to damage ATM machines.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Shapiro said: “This is a very challenging time for communities in Philadelphia, southeastern Pennsylvania, and across the country.” He also said that criminals will not be allowed to “hijack” and “use “Protests to create chaos.

This incident occurred as the largest city in Pennsylvania was facing protests. As the police shot and killed a black man on the 26th, local protests and riots broke out for many days.

According to previous reports, there were confrontations and clashes between police officers holding riot shields and demonstrators, and some shops were damaged and looted. Thousands of people poured into a shopping mall to rob. In the riots, dozens of police officers were injured and hundreds of people were arrested.

Philadelphia city officials announced on the 28th that Philadelphia will implement a curfew from 21 o’clock that day to 6 o’clock the next day. According to the “Philadelphia Inquirer”, there were no large-scale protests in Philadelphia after the curfew began.

 In western Philadelphia, some protesters were arrested for violating the curfew, and several others were arrested on suspicion of robbing businesses.

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