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Two fighters rescued unconscious police after being shot in Vienna terrorist attack while drinking coffee

November 4th. On the evening of the 2nd local time, a terrorist attack occurred in the Austrian capital Vienna on the 2nd, which has resulted in at least 5 deaths. 

In this attack, two mixed martial artists happened to be drinking coffee near the scene of the incident. They still rescued the two wounded in the rain of bullets, and they were rewarded later.

According to the British “Daily Mail” report on the 3rd, the two mixed martial arts players are named Ozan and Gutkin. 

They were drinking coffee at the time of the shooting in Vienna and then discovered that the area was blocked due to the terrorist attack.

Ozan described the situation at the time by saying: “The gunman is only a few meters away from us.”

Two MMA fighters won awards (GETTY)

After the attack, Gutkin quickly found an injured woman and hurriedly took her away from the shooting. During the rescue process, he was unfortunately shot in the calf. 

Ozan and Gutkin then drove to the nearest police station and described the gunman and his weapons to the police. When they were about to leave, they heard gunfire again, and then saw an injured policeman lying motionless on the ground.

“We didn’t think about the danger at the time. We knew that something needed to be done and we had to help,” Ozan said.

They picked up the injured policeman and took it to the nearest ambulance. Afterwards, Ozan found that his hands were full of blood.

Gutkin shot in the leg (GETTY)

In the early morning of the 4th Beijing time, the extremist organization has issued a statement claiming responsibility for the Austrian Vienna attack on the evening of the 2nd. 

The Austrian government pointed out that the name of the perpetrator involved in the case was Kujtim Fejzulai (Kujtim Fejzulai). The 20-year-old has dual citizenship of Austria and North Macedonia. 

The shooting scene (GETTY)

Fei Zule has been shot dead by the police. The Austrian police said that it does not rule out the possibility that other gunmen are still at large.

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