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Two British medical staff developed allergies after being vaccinated against Pfizer against the coronavirus.

Israeli study: Pfizer vaccine can be effective by 75% with only one injection.

The coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer. ( Photo Source: Reuters)

December 9th – On the 8th, the United Kingdom officially launched the Pfizer coronavirus vaccination work.

According to the latest news from Russian satellite news agency and British Sky News, two British NHS health workers developed allergies after vaccination.

According to the report, the two people developed related symptoms after vaccination on the 8th and are currently recovering.

Stephen Bowes, England’s NHS National Medical Director, warned people with a history of “severe” allergies not to get the Pfizer vaccine.

According to previous reports, the first 800,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine in the UK will be provided to residents over 80 years old or elderly people who have made appointments, as well as nursing home workers, while other groups need to wait.

Since only high-risk people can get the vaccination at an early stage, most people may not have the opportunity until next year’s vaccine supply rises.

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