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Turkish Ministry of Defense: Killed 6 Kurdish militants in northern Syria

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November 23rd According to a report by the Turkish Anadolu News Agency, the Turkish Ministry of Defense said that on the 22nd local time, Turkish troops killed six PKK militants in cross-border operations between Iraq and northern Syria.

According to reports, the Turkish Ministry of Defense said in a statement that two PKK militants were planning an attack in the Awasin area in northern Iraq and were killed by the Turkish military. In northern Syria, four PKK armed men were shot dead while trying to infiltrate Turkish-controlled areas.

According to previous reports, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party was established in 1979 to seek to establish an independent state by force in the Kurdish populated areas along Turkey’s borders with Iraq, Iran and Syria. Most of its armed men are now concentrated in northern Iraq and northern Syria. Turkey regards this organization as a terrorist organization and has repeatedly crossed the border to attack PKK targets in Iraq and Syria.

The conflict between the Turkish government and the PKK has lasted for more than 30 years, killing about 40,000 people.

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